4th Workshop on Internet Based Control Education (IBCE2024)

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The AMICAS (Adaptive Multi-drug Infusion Control system for general Anesthesia in major Surgery) project integrates human expertise with computer optimization to create a successful solution for breakthrough into clinical practice

Hybrid event, 18-20 September 2024, Ghent Belgium


IBCE is a Hybrid Event with both on-site and online presentations/activities. First call for papers can be downloaded here Call for Papers - PDF version

Conference proceedings will appear in IFAC-PapersOnline, indexed in WoS and Scopus.

The 4th IFAC Workshop on Internet Based Control Education (IBCE24) will be held Wednesday through Friday, September 18-20 at Ghent University, Belgium. The pandemic crisis has emphasized, more than ever, the importance of online (internet based) teaching and has changed the way of teaching. Furthermore, the pandemic situation highlighted the need for effective internet-based control education. The motivation for this workshop is the recognition that student learning can be enhanced through the judicious and effective use of online resources and services accessible on the Internet. This workshop will serve as an international forum for interaction among engineers, scientists, and practitioners of control engineering who are interested in adopting and promoting Internet-based methodologies for teaching control engineering. The workshop will be organized in hybrid form (online and physical attendance). This will facilitate participants from developing countries to contribute to this event.

The workshop will address the following topics (but not limited to); Internet-based control education; e-learning in control engineering; Interactivity and interactive tools; Enhanced e-books; Virtual and remote labs, virtual reality; Web-based educational environments; Personal learning environments; Social software in control education; Continuing control education in industry; Internet-based control education assessment; Quality Assurance in e-learning; Social and educational issues in developing countries; Collaborative learning; Problem-based learning; Online tutoring; Closing the gap between control education practice and control engineering practice; International programs in internet based control education; Cultural and social issues of control education

The IBCE24 workshop features two Benchmark Challenge Competitions (BCCs):
BCC1: Control of anesthetic and hemodynamic states in patients (more information will follow)
BCC2: Control of continuous manufacturing process of oral tablet production (more information will follow)

Important dates:

  submission opens:   01 January 2024
  registration site opens:   31 May 2024
  draft paper submission deadline:   30 March 2024
  final paper submission deadline:   31 May 2024

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IFAC Main Sponsoring Technical Committee
TC 9.4 – Control Education

IFAC Co-Sponsoring Technical Committees
TC 3.1 – Computers for Control
TC 3.3 – Telematics: Control via Communication Networks
TC 2.1 – Control Design
TC 6.1 – Chemical Process Control

Organizing Committee:

NOC Chair: Dana Copot, Ghent University, Belgium
NOC Vice Chair Industry: Wouter De Soete, Johnson&Johnson, Belgium
IPC Chair: Alberto Leva, Politecnico Di Milano, Italy
IPC Vice Chair: Elena Zattoni, Bologna University, Italy
IPC Vice Chair Industry: Christoph Portier, CESPE, Belgium
Proceedings Editor: Simona Caramihai, Bucharest University, Romania
Proceedings Co-Editor: Jerome Cieslak, Bordeaux University, France
NOC Members: Isabela Birs, Annelies Coene, Hamed Farbakhsh, Erhan Yumuk, Ghada Ben Othman

IPC Members:

Ben Othman Ghada, Belgium
Birs Isabela, Belgium
Caruntu Constantin, Romania
Cajo Diaz Ricardo, Ecuador
Coene Annelies, Belgium
Copot Dana, Belgium
Copot Cosmin, Belgium
Cieslak Jerome, France
Costa Castello Ramon, Spain
De Keyser Robin, Belgium
Dormido Sebastian, Spain
Dulf Eva, Romania
Farbakhsh Hamed, Belgium
Guzman Jose Luis, Spain
HosseinNia Hassan, Nederlnds
Ionescu Clara, Belgium
Koton Jaroslav, Czech Republic
Visioli Antonio, Italy
Mac Thi Thoa, Vietnam
Maxim Anca, Romania
Mendonça T., Portugal
Muresan Cristina. Romania
Padula Fabrizio, Australia
Pasik-Duncan Bozenna, USA
Pinto Carla, Portugal
Anthony Rossiter, UK
Vilanova Ramon, Spain
Soltesz Kristian, Sweden
Yumuk Erhan, Belgium
Wahlquist Ylva, Sweden
Zhao Shiquan, China


Important dates:
  submission opens:   01 January 2024
  registration site opens:   31 May 2024
  draft paper submission deadline:   30 March 2024
  final paper submission deadline:   31 May 2024

Instructions for Authors

Papers must be submitted in PDF form according to the IFAC requirements. These can be found at https://www.ifac-control.org/events/author-guide.
Please note that only PDF files complying with the IFAC style rules and PDF requirements are admissible, including a fixed length of 6 pages. Please follow the author guide at https://www.ifac-control.org/events/author-guide
. Papers should be submitted online via the PaperCept system at https://ifac.papercept.net/conferences/scripts/start.pl. All authors must have a registration number at the papercept system.
Accepted papers will be distributed at the symposium as pre-prints, and then published in electronic form on the IFAC-PapersOnline.

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Technical Program

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Plenary Talks

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Social Program

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The registration will open on May 2024. The registration fee will cover your online or in person attendance.

All who wish to attend the conference (online or in person) must register and pay the registration fee via the conference registration page.

Each accepted paper should be covered by one registration, otherwise the paper will not be included in the conference program and IFAC Papers Online. The registration fee must be paid within the deadline for final upload of accepted papers.
Registration Fee Hybrid Event:
  Symposium participation fee   350 Euro
  Registration Deadline:   31 July 2024

Symposium participation includes:
The fee includes final upload of one paper, admission to all on-site/online sessions (including workshops) and digital proceedings.

Updates will be made on a regular basis

Venue & Accommodation

Ghent University, Campus Ardoyen Ghent-Zwijnaarde

Adress: Tech Lane Ghent Science Park
IBCE24 will be held in a HYBRID format, blending physical and virtual events. The physical conference will be hosted at Ghent University, Faculty of Engineering and Architecture, Research Group on Dynamical Systems and Control (DySC) while the entire event will also be streamed online. The physical IBCE24 will take place in the Tech Lane Ghent Science Park, situated in Campus Ardoyen Ghent-Zwijnaarde.

Address is Technologiepark 126, 9052, Ghent-Zwijnaarde, Belgium (google maps)
A map of Tech Lane Ghent Science Park can be found here CampusMap

Travel to Ghent

Information about the corona situation in Belgium can be found at the following links: coronavirus Belgium; Federal Public Service Foreign Affairs
Information about travel conditions in Europe can be found here ReOpen

By Plane
Ghent lies some 40 km to the west of the airport of Brussels and some 70 kms from Charleroi-(Brussels South Airport) if you fly Ryanair. See below how to reach Ghent from these different airports.
1/ On arrival at Brussels Airport, probably with Brussels Airlines take a train towards Brussels, where you can change trains for Ghent at either Brussels North, Central or South (Midi). At each of these stations you can take the IC-Train either to Ostend, Knokke-Blankenberge or De Panne and exit in Ghent St.Pieters station. First stop after Brussels. (travel time approx. 35 mins). Information about train timetables and tickets check here

2/ From Charleroi airport you can take a bus to Charleroi Station. From there you take the train to Brussels South and change trains there for Ghent. At this station you can take the IC-Train either to Ostend, Knokke-Blankenberge or De Panne and exit in Ghent St.Pieters station. First stop after Brussels. (travel time approx 35 mins) here

By Road
By car the city is accessible via two motorways:
The E40 connects Ghent with Bruges and Ostend to the west, and with Brussels, Leuven and Liege to the east.
The E17 connects Ghent with Sint-Niklaas and Antwerp to the north, and with Kortrijk and Lille to the south.
De Krook is located at the end of the B401 Exit road of the E17 Motorway, city location known as Zuid

Public transport
Ghent has an extensive network of public transport lines, operated by De Lijn. Information about bus/tram timetables and tickets check here

More information about Ghent can be found here: